The athlete development project is designed to bring a comprehensive educational and hands on a approach to injury prevention and performance training. There are many benefits to the program but to summarize, we bring a professional physiological and performance staff to the amateur level to ensure athletes receive the necessary level of expertise to develop to their full potential athletically, while doing so in a manner that will minimize and hopefully prevent injury.

Similar to a position specific coach, the benefits of having a club physio and performance coach gives a significant competitive advantage in developing long term athletic success and an added layer of professionalism that is not normally seen at the amateur level.



  • Parent Education: All members will receive monthly newsletter on a variety of performance and injury prevention topics. Additionally The Campus will provide one annual town hall meeting where a guess speaker will be provided based on a club desired topic

  • Coach Education: Coaches will interact with performance and physio staff trough a series of quarterly coach education sections. Topics to include physical help, performance, fitness and rehab ​

  • Player Education : ​Players will be educated on proper warm-up / cool down , recovery nutrition and injury prevention techniques.

  • Consistent communication between the club, performance and physio staff is vital to the club program success. 


  • Baseline testing is a vital component for both injury prevention and for measuring performance. The objective information in the baseline testing fives the coaching staff and players the best opportunity to track improvements as well as provide accurate feedback for ''return to play'' situations. additionally it provides the opportunity to identify long term health risks from improper or inefficient movement​

    • Baseline testing will be provided on both the performance and injury prevention side. Tests provided as apart of this athlete development project include:

      • Concussion / Impact Testing​

      • Movement Screening 

      • Baseline Performance Evaluation


  • Each team will receive 10hrs of on field performance coaching. Performance staff will work with teams on movement skills, will be available for pre-game warm-up and post game recovery sessions.

  • Performance staff will work directly with team coaches to develop a periodization schedule at the beginning of the year to prevent over training as well as performance peaking around competitive schedule

  • Performance coaches will provide unsupervised training programming for player to execute independently 


  • In addition to performance and physio staff The Campus will provide a dedicated program manager who will be responsible for scheduling and overall execution of the program

  • The Campus will provide marketing and sponsorship support of the partner club in a form of a cash donation back to the club. 


100 Powers Court, Sterling, VA 20166

(703) 657-4050



Mondays-Fridays 4 PM - 11 PM

Saturday-Sunday 10 AM - 10 PM


*Hours may change based on season

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